Friday, April 4, 2008

5 Ways to Cheat Death in New Zealand

Fucking, New Zealand
by Ransom - April 3, 2008 - 10:35 AM
I’ve been researching New Zealand like mad for the past day or two, prepping for an upcoming trip. More than anything, what I’ve discovered is this: while there are an absolutely humbling number of relaxing things to do in beautiful settings — winery touring, hiking without end, lazing on the beach — New Zealand also boasts a tourist economy based in large part on assisted near-suicide. It was they who popularized bungee jumping, for instance, and skydiving enthusiasts will tell you there’s no better country in which to jump out of a plane at 12,000 feet. But these days, bungee-jumping is old news, and as Kiwis continually try to outdo themselves in the adrenaline department, the list of semi-absurd, totally insane adventure sports grows daily. Here are a few of the strangest.

Via; Mental Floss

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