Friday, May 23, 2008

When Bodybuilding and Steroids Go Too Far

Right or more often the case wrong, athletes have been taking anabolic steroids since the early 1960’s. Many competitive bodybuilders go to excess in taking steroids in order to compete citing that ‘extreme sports require extreme measures,’ using a plethora of various forms for different effects — one might increase muscle hardness while another will improve mass, strength or endurance — thus becoming human walking chemistry sets.


  1. yeah, and the worst part is that they deceive us into believing they are "naturals" and it's all the result from training hard ("no poain, no gain")...and yet some poor souls believe it and enroll in a gym and buy lots ofr supplements just to find out sooner than later that they'll never get even close to those many things out there: it's all just a big lie

  2. Yeah I know what you're talking about Sal and really the only answer to that problem is to read about steroids, and then read more, and find out exactly what a steroid user looks like so you can spot one when you see one. So many fake naturals out there nowadays, and if you try to call them out on it they just say you're jealous. It sucks.