Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Top 10 Fugitives in the World Still on the Run

When it comes to people committing crimes, most fugitives try to do it in a way so that police and law enforcement officials won’t be able to find them. While some succeed, most do not, simply because as humans we make mistakes, and others will eventually pick up on those mistakes. In the world of crime, those who are caught are sentenced and usually spend time in jail or some other place that’d make the common person freak.

However, those who have not been caught, well…let’s just say they’re either lucky, smart, or just really good at hiding and escaping from the police. Or, they have some sort of high connection to those in elite places in society. Though government agencies pledge to one day catch these men, it has already proven to be much harder than anyone would have thought. Here are the top 10 fugitives that were never caught.


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