Tuesday, June 9, 2009

12 of the worlds most fascinating tunnel networks

Lizard People whose 9-year olds had the intellectual capabilities of our college graduates
This year the MIT class ring, the Brass Rat, hides a hackers’ diagram of a subterranean campus wide tunnel network.

Networks of secret passages and tunnels have been built on a giant scale, from components of the Maginot line to the Viet Cong Cu Chi Network. Others perform a peacetime function, such as the half mile tunnel network H.G. Dyar built under his Washington home, as a hobby, the passageways under Disney’s Magic Kingdom or the unbelievable 5000 year old Lizard People tunnel network under Los Angeles that the L.A. Times published a diagram of during the depression.

Here is a collection of our favorite tunnel network diagrams, drawings or models.


Via: Oobject

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