Friday, June 19, 2009

The 7 Greatest Robots of the Pre-Modern World

The Turk
It's a fact that one day the robots are going to kill and/or enslave us all. It's even in the Bible somewhere, trust me. This notion of creations turning against their masters has been a staple of fiction for centuries; from the Jewish folk tale of the Golem to Frankenstein to Battlestar Galactica. However, these cautionary tales still haven't swayed those with the means of construction from playing god and building blasphemous, soulless machines that will one day eat our kittens and take away our cable. People have been writing about and even designing robots since BCE, but the real robot renaissance began during the Age of Enlightenment and carried throughout the 18th century. The unveiling of new robots would pack theater halls and museums from London to New York City and even royalty couldn't resist the draw of these eerily real creations. Some merely played instruments and some simulated defecation, but no matter how innocent the action, they're all permanently written in the blueprint of our destruction.


Via: Topless Robot

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