Wednesday, July 1, 2009

8 Science Kit Reviews and 8 DIY Experiments You Can Do for Free

Genetics & DNA Thames & Kosmos; ages 10+
Science kits aren't what they used to be. If you look at a kit from, say, 1950, you may notice that it is full of complex, mechanical parts, requires adult supervision just to read the directions and doesn't shy away from including dangerous elements (u-238 included!). Modern-day kits don't dumb lessons down, but are easier to play with, solo, and appeal to the diverse, real-world interests of contemporary kids. Being big, curious kids ourselves, we ordered eight kits on different subjects and tested an experiment from each. But homemade experiments can be just as complex and educational (while costing up to $100 less), so we found alternatives to each of the boxed kits that teach similar lessons just as well. Bottom line: Whether preassembled or drawn from kitchen cupboards, science kits can be educational and fun.


Via: Popular Mechanics

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