Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Quick 10: 10 Smurfy Smurfs Facts

Smorf holding his breath, turns purple
The Quick 10 is a regular feature at Mental Floss. I loved the Smurfs since I was a child so I am including this on the site today. Deal.

Here at the Quick 10, we’re taking a break from our regularly-scheduled Halloween posts to bring you this public service announcement: it was 51 years ago this week that The Smurfs were first introduced to our pop culture vernacular. I thought it seemed like a pretty worthy reason to break the spooky string of posts, and anyway, I bet at least one of you _flossers spent a Halloween or two slathering yourself in blue paint to portray one of the sapphire shorties (you’ll let us know if you did, right?).


Via: Mental Floss

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