Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Quick 8: Eight Out-of-Place Artifacts

The Kensington Runestone
Imagine being on the archaeological dig of a lifetime, searching for dinosaur bones or ancient Egyptian treasures, when you finally find something embedded in centuries-old rock or sealed in a tomb that you know hasn’t been opened in thousands of years. But it’s not a bone or a gem – it’s… a Game Boy? How in the world did that get there? That exact situation hasn’t happened yet, but some similar incidents definitely have. They’re called “Out-of-Place Artifacts,” or OOPArt: things that don’t appear to make sense in the context that they were found. Sometimes a perfectly logical explanation is to be had, sometimes the whole thing is a hoax or a misunderstanding, and in some cases, we still don’t understand what happened. Here are some examples of each.


Via: Mental Floss

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