Tuesday, June 3, 2008

4 Cormac McCarthy Villians That Make Our Skin Crawl

Even if you didn’t see it, you probably heard about last year’s Best Picture winner, No Country for Old Men, and its bowl-haired, cattlegun-wielding antagonist, Chigurh, played to a chilling tee by Javier Bardem. But Bardem’s Oscar-winning performance as cinema’s strangest new villain only reinforced what fans of author Cormac McCarthy’s novels already knew: his baddies are unforgettable. McCarthy writes lean-but-contemplative western-ish noir thrillers (and the occasional post-apocalyptic thriller) that eschew the easy black-hat/white-hat good guys and bad guys dichotomy. But even in the potent worlds of moral ambiguity he creates, there’s always one character who stands out as particularly unsavory. Here are a few who gave us nightmares.

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