Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chuck Liddell's Bar-fighting Tips

Chuck Liddell
Chuck Liddell didn't learn how to brawl in the Ultimate Fighting Octagon. In his memoir "Iceman," Liddell describes maneuvers he picked up in a karate studio, the local alley and several bars.

Although Liddell doesn't approve of slugging it out when you've got a few shots under your belt, he worked for years as a bartender, and breaking up fights came with the job description.

While Liddell admits he likes to fight, he also tries to avoid it. Stopping a shoving match might begin with the best of intentions, but everything changes when you get smacked in the jaw.

Bar-fighting and Ultimate Fighting require different tactics. Liddell doesn't recommend bar-fighting, ever, but if you have to defend yourself, his suggestions might just save your sweet cheeks.


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